The Brooks Lab is housed in the UFGI, a unique collaborative environment that brings together researchers from across the UF campus working on a multitude of species.

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Our Home at UF, the Department of Animal Sciences has programs in genetics, management, meat science, molecular biology, physiology and nutrition in livestock.

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Brooks lab researchers have completed a number of studies on diverse topics.  These results are published in scientific journals.  

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After six great years at Cornell University’s Department of Animal Science we moved south in Spring 2014. We love our new home at UF and are enjoying being back in horse-country. 

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Our research focus is to better understand the genetic basis for diseases, disorders, and physiological variations in the horse, providing owners and breeders an additional tools for improved horse health and management. 

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It is a team effort!  The Brooks lab is home to visiting scholars, post-docs, graduate students, undergraduate researchers and staff.  

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