Brooks Equine Genetics

Brooks Equine Genetics Lab is working to identify genetic components contributing to equine face shape, significantly noticeable in extremes of the Andalusian and the Arabian.

Ship Forms and hair samples to:

Brooks Equine Genetics Lab
2033 Mowry Road
Lab 330G
Gainesville – FL 32610
United States of America

Email photos to:

The filled out forms, a hair sample and a profile head photo like the one above showing the full head.  The photo can be emailed to us at for easier handling and better photo quality. Please just include your name and mailing address the forms will be sent from along with the horses name labeled on the papers.

All information is confidential and each horse is given a lab ID number to be referred to for any data use.

Humans have selected horses over thousands of years focusing on specific characteristics.  The dished face shape in the Arabian horse and the roman nose of the Andalusian are both recognizable characteristic of the breeds found in present populations. Genomics are used in many diverse areas of livestock selection but is limited in the equine industry.  In this study, we will analyze and quantify morphological differences of horse face shapes to discover genomic markers responsible for variations in facial morphology among breeds.

Face Shape

Interested yet would like more information? 
Please contact the Brooks Equine Genetics Lab.  You can reach us by phone at (352) 273-8080 or email,

How to enroll my horse(s):

Ongoing study at the University of Florida

It is very simple to enroll your horse and all horses are welcome to participate in the study!

For the face shape study, from each horse we are collecting:

  • Profile face photo showing the full face (example above)
  • Pulled tail or mane hair with roots
  • General information about the horses history - breeding, diseases, injuries, etc.

And finally, a consent form from each breeder/owner. You can download the necessary documents on the button below:

What is needed to Enroll: